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90 Coles Road
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone: 856-228-8100
Metrologic designs, produces and marketplaces global barcode scanning and quick automatic data confine arrangements solutions with laser, vision based and holographic technologies.

Metrologic is the top ranking company in the manufacturing field of highly enhanced bar code scanners. With this highest rank, our main focus is to produce the superior quality products like bar-code decoding hardware and high-speed image processing software which can easily meet the requirements of our precious customers.

For us, the first priority is to keep making invention in our product range and just because of this; we have achieved huge success in providing the widest selection of advanced scanners such as single and omnidirectional laser scanners, fixed position and in-counter scanners and many others. Metrologic Instruments has formed innovative business chances in mounting marketplace in the Middle East, the Asia, and the Russia. By given that solutions for a mass of sell, barcode machine and industrial requests universal, we have artificial an extensive collection of capitalist corporation that will continue and improve our maintained achievement.

  • We have got Metrologic MS9540 before three month ago. This bar code scanner provide extraordinary features like user-consumable cables, PowerLink, automatic activate, handheld or hands free, RSS-14 decoding capability, modifiable stand, firmware revise via flash ROM, convention correct the bar code information, limited and long range launch, and much more.

  • Company bar code scanners are specialists in optical figure confine and processing keys, who plan, produce and marketplace international difficult imaging as well as barcode scanning resolutions for ranges of appliance. We suggest any person try one time you miss me free time.

  • An advanced design and first-class presentation barcode scanning machinery the MS9520 is noticeably the mainly higher auto-activate scanner on top of the market at present. Facilitate for mutually in-stand and out of situate process.

  • Great solution I have got for my company........ I am running the giant courier company and as you know there is heavy scanning workload in this business. But now I have not to worry as I have picked the best barcode scanner from this proficient company. I am just impressed with the promptness and accurateness of work that is done by this exclusive device. 5 star to this brilliant instrument.......

  • I think Metrologic business group understand the real need of every retail applications as they are providing the broad series of highly improved barcode scanners which delivers the good value for money. I have purchased its latest scanners model and I have not faced even single difficulty in installing it. Above all this I really like its far distance scanning feature as I have not to lift any heavy items for the scanning procedure.

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